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Spring annual displays are installed during the months of March or April and summer annual displays are installed during the months of May or June. Ground temperatures and “frost-free” weather dictates commencement. Fall displays are installed in September and October.

All beds are cultivated by rototilling and incorporating soil amendments and fertilizer into the planting area. The main body of your display consists of highly rated, dependable performing annuals. A border plant, when applicable, accents the main display. A final thin layer of mulch is hand shaken over the display to color the soil to match the surrounding bed areas. All new floral material is then watered-in thoroughly.

Recommended time of year: Spring annuals are usually installed during March or April, summer annuals during May or June, and fall annuals during September or October.

If specialized or custom displays are desired, please consult with your Account Manager to place special plant material orders. Extreme dry conditions could result in an additional cost, due to watering needs

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