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  • Annuals

    Annuals Spring annual displays are installed during the months of March or April and summer annual displays are installed during the months of May or June. Ground temperatures and "frost-free" weather dictates commencement. Fall displays are installed in September and October. All beds are cultivated by rototilling and incorporating soil amendments and fertilizer into the planting area. The main body of your display consists of highly rated, dependable performing annuals. A border plant, when applicable, accents the ...

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  • County Water Restrictions

    Every county in Florida has their own restrictions on watering your lawn. Paying close attention to the watering schedule for your county helps you do your part in conserving our planet's precious water supply, as well as helping you avoid hefty fines from your county's code enforcement department. AIG Lawn wants to help you keep your lawn bright and green while adhering to your local regulations. Please check your county's local water restrictions ...

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  • Insects & Pests

    CHINCH BUG The Southern chinch bug is one of the most damaging lawn insects affecting St. Augustine grass. It is common to see chinch bug activity from March through October though some years activity may occur earlier and end later. Most cases of chinch bugs start from moisture deficient areas within your lawn. Chinch bug adults are about 1/5" long, black in colour, and have white wings. Immature chinch ...

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  • Watering

    Proper watering is the most important factor in keeping a nice vibrant lawn: Check irrigation system at least once every two weeks Make sure run time is correct for the time of year Check each zone for proper coverage Check each sprinkler head for blockage Check for leaking sprinkler heads If power goes out you may need to reset clock How to check your irrigation rate: Use five to ten cans three to six ...

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  • Seasonal Issues

    Management of lawn and ornamental issues vary with each season. Proper diagnosis and chemical application is important to create a healthy and vibrant landscape throughout the year. Southern Care Lawns has the experience and expertise to properly diagnosis and treat the wide variety of issues that affect your landscape. Contact us today for a free evaluation and quote. We are here to help. Winter Frost Injury When we get a freeze you may ...

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  • Trees & Shrubs

    Below are some of the most common issues that can effect Florida trees and shrubs. Click an image to learn more. [caption ...

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  • JMAC Kids

    Dear Rick, JMAC KIDS want to thank you!!! For the past three + years, we have enjoyed a well manicured property. Your company shows up, takes care of items that need attention, and are out before we can say goodbye. You’re always willing to go the extra mile or stop to explain our lawn or critter questions. We’re excited about the prospect of new lawn services that you’ll be able to provide. We recommend AIG to ...

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  • Natalya Musallam

    AIG was recommended to me by a good friend. Our family has been using AIG for a few months now and their lawn service and customer service is impeccable! Thank you for doing an outstanding job and taking the time to do it right!

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  • Barbie F

    Thank you for being the ONE person who actually does this RIGHT! I think everyone with Zoysia turf needs to call YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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  • Empire Zoysia Grass

    Leave Zoysia to fend for itself in the midstof a drought, and you have a good chance of it continuing to live. A superb container of moisture, Zoysia has saved countless homeowners who sporadically irrigate from completely killing their lawns. It is also tolerant of salt, as long as the area is well-drained. 'Empire' is a cultivar that is gaining popularity in Florida. It is similar in ...

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